Dabbing – Can Bears Do The Dab?

Bears Dabbing Polar Bear, Kodiak Bear, Black Bear, Grizzly Bear, Golden Bear, Brown Bear T-shirt

The dab is a popular trending celebratory dance move. Often likened to a sneezing gesture, the dab is performed when a person extends both of their arms parallel to each other to the left or to the right at between approximately a 45° to 75° angle while dropping the head into the crook of the right arm when the dab is to the left, or in the crook of the left arm when the dab is to the right. The act of performing the dab is called dabbing. The dab is commonly used to express enthusiasm or confidence, to celebrate a victory or triumph for an accomplishment or achievement, or just to be funny or have fun.
The dab first appeared in Japanese animation in the 1990s. Recently the dab has been popularized by hip-hop and rapper musicians Skippa Da Flippa, Migos, Peewee Longway, and Rich the Kid, professional football star Cam Newton, talk show host James Corden, politicians Hillary Clinton and Paul Ryan and many other well-known celebrities and world figures.
Do black bears, brown bears, golden bears, grizzly bears, kodiak bears, polar bears, or any other type of bear know how to dab? No.  But if you search the internet carefully, you will find many images of bears stretching, scratching, playing, and trying to get food, which come pretty close.