How can I purchase a design?

Our designs can be purchased on your choice of apparel by going either through Amazon or Design by Humans. See the links below:

I am attending a school (or have attended a school) with a bear as a mascot. Is Behrbones Clothing capable of handling bulk orders?

YES. We welcome bulk orders for your school or university. Please send us a note through our contact support page for more details.

Can I suggest a custom bear design?

We certainly welcome your suggestions through our contact support page! However, we cannot guarantee that we will move your design idea into production.

I saw the same bear design on another website. What should I do?

Please contact us through our contact support page to report it. We very much appreciate your help in preventing others from plagiarizing our unique and original bear designs. Each and every design we have is copyrighted, so we will be contacting the other site through our legal team.