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At Behrbones Clothing, we know that there have been so many changes and stresses during the pandemic we decided to create a funny t-shirt for COVID that celebrates the survival of the supply chain shortages and hoarding toilet paper with our out of toilet paper t-shirt. The challenge under tough situations is to see the silver lining and keep laughter and joy at the center of your heart in the middle of it all.

Behrbones Clothing funny COVID t-shirt and out of toilet paper depicts a tired bear quietly laying on a large roll of toilet paper holding three toilet paper rolls and written below is the copy “Bear Down.” If you have anyone you know who can appreciate the one-of-a-kind t-shirt, then this is a must-have. Our funny t-shirts for COVID encompass the pandemic, supply chain shortages, and hoarding toilet paper fiasco in one high-quality clear image.

Behrbones Clothing funny COVID t-shirt comes in various apparel options upon request, including a hoodie, sweatshirt, zip-up, tank top, or long sleeve. Being out of toilet paper is never a happy moment, but our t-shirt tries to demonstrate the occasion with funny t-shirts for COVID, pandemic, supply chain shortages and hoarding toilet paper. A fun t-shirt gift for all ages, for you, a friend, or a family member.

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