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Behrbones Clothing is a family-owned and operated company that offers unique novelty apparel that highlights your passions, hobbies, and memories. Our competitive freestyle swimmer t-shirt is the perfect fit for anyone who loves the sport of swimming. It also makes the perfect gift for any swim coach, age group swimming, high school, college, amateur professional, or even Olympics. We offer more than 120 creative and fun designs.

The competitive freestyle swimmer t-shirt from Behrbones Clothing is dedicated to founder Dr. Behr’s brother, who swam the 50, 100, and 200 freestyle in high school, Division I NCAA in college, and is still swimming masters. So, if you are a swim coach or involved in age group swimming, high school, college, amateur, professional, or Olympics, this will be a fantastic addition to your closet.

Behrbones Clothing also offers a long-sleeve competitive freestyle swimmer t-shirt along with a sweatshirt, zip up, or pullover hoodie upon request. We want to ensure you have the designs you love in the apparel option you prefer, no matter the conditions. We are sure our competitive freestyle swimmer t-shit will be a win for any swim coach or age group swimming, high school, college, amateur, and professional. It is even a great tribute to our Olympics.

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