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Bear Superhero Black Bear T-shirt

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Behrbones Clothing is renowned for its super fun and creative custom handmade designs that incorporate bears into apparel that matches your lifestyle and passions. Our superhero bear t-shirt is for those who have a passion for science fiction fantasy, including superheroes. The funny t-shirts for Halloween, costume parties, and birthday parties make an excellent gift or perfect fit for any special event with an element of fantasy and fiction.

Behrbones Clothing offers seven masked bear designs inspired by Dr. Behr’s family, passionate about superheroes and science fiction fantasy. The superhero bear t-shirt depicts a black bear superhero wearing a unique blue tile design superhero mask. Any of our masked bear funny t-shirts for Halloween, costume parties, or birthday parties will save the day with high-quality material and a comfortable fit.

Break out of the boring mold when you step into transforming with a Behrbones Clothing superhero bear t-shirt. If you or someone you know is looking for funny t-shirts for Halloween, costume parties, or birthday parties, we offer one-of-a-kind patented designs. Upon request, you can get any of our designs in long sleeves, sweatshirts, zip-ups, pullover hoodies, or tank tops. Check out our lineup of unique designs today.

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