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If you or someone you know loves to climb, Behrbones Clothing has created a unique design to celebrate and appreciate the sport. Our rock climber t-shirt or hiker t-shirt is a fantastic gift idea for any rock climber, rock climbing, mountain climber, mountaineer, cliff scaler, alpinist, or rock-jock. This rock climber t-shirt is for a select group who breaks boundaries and presses the limits to obtain a rarely seen and breathtaking view.

Behrbones Clothing rock climber t-shirt is dedicated to founder Dr. Behr’s nephew, an avid and accomplished rock climber. If rock cliffs are where you or someone you love likes to hang out, then this rock climber t-shirt is for you. The novelty t-shirt is custom and designed with love for all those who have a passion for rock climbing. This t-shirt is a must-have for any mountain climber, mountaineer, cliff scaler, or alpinist.

As a family-owned and operated company, Behrbones Clothing designs novelty wear that celebrates special moments, people, passions, and memories. We offer over 120 designs to fit an extensive range of life moments and hobbies, including rock climbing. So, if our rock climber t-shirt captures your heart or you are looking for the perfect gift for a rock climber, mountain climber, mountaineer, cliff scaler, alpinist, rock-jock, or hiker t-shirt, then Behrbones Clothing is just for you!

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