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Oktoberfest – Do Bears Drink Beers?

Bear, Oktoberfest, beer, German beer, Oktoberfest bear

As one might expect, the predominate fluid consumption for almost all bears comes from drinking water. Polar bears are the exception. Logically, one would assume a polar bear would enjoy a nice cold drink of ice water, or eat snow or ice. Quite the contrary. Polar bears do not drink water, and do not eat […]

Dabbing – Can Bears Do The Dab?

Bears Dabbing Polar Bear, Kodiak Bear, Black Bear, Grizzly Bear, Golden Bear, Brown Bear T-shirt

The dab is a popular trending celebratory dance move. Often likened to a sneezing gesture, the dab is performed when a person extends both of their arms parallel to each other to the left or to the right at between approximately a 45° to 75° angle while dropping the head into the crook of the […]

Bears Swimming

Bear Swimmer Butterfly Swimmer Bear T-shirt

A brown bear swimming. A black bear swimming. A grizzly bear swimming. A polar bear swimming. A golden bear swimming.  Absolutely. All of these bears know how to swim and like to swim. When it comes to long-distance swimming, polar bears are the Katie Ledecky and Zane Grothe equivalents among bears. Polar bears often swim […]